If you are already login Click here to dashboard

To see banners sizes and options please Click here

Reminder for quick start:

After login look for “Creatives” tab, you can choose just text link or a banner.

1. Using text link:

Click on “Creatives” tab and  “default creative” will show up as a red color text link under the line “Your Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID”.
copy the red colored link exactly as it is without adding any other note! or any other character!
The red colored link includes your unique ID tracking code, so you could see how many visitors arrived thanks to you and how many of your visitors purchased the product

Put\embed\send the link wherever you want or send it to your friends or whoever you wish with some promotional text and start earning money.

2. Using banner:

To see banners sizes and options please Click here
Login into your Dashboard.
Click on “Creatives” tab
Below the line “The following creatives are available for publication”
in NAME column, click on the banner’s name you wish. (the banner’s size includes in its name)
Copy the red colored link as it is! and put it wherever you wish.
(The link includes your unique ID)